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What I think about gaming today

      Anyone that knows me, or my kind, know that video games are one of the most important industries of the modern age.  Gaming in itself is now becoming a lifestyle, in such a way that it has became a living force in the world.  Video games have made waves within the mainstream media, combining in a way that no one once thought possible.  Actual ads appear in some games while others games are based off of television series or movies.  The rise of the internet has also helped with the development of the world of gaming, resulting in the ability to play against others via your game console or computer, and has led to the creation of both the MMORPG and MMORTS game genres, which was impossible in the pre-digital age.  Motion tracking, one of the key aspects of game design its very self, is now available to the public as both an add-on and a requirement for most modern generation systems.  It can most definitely be said that gaming is NOT to be taken lightly.

      Listen up big game companies: Perhaps one of the most annoying scenarios in gaming is when the player is minding his or her own business, and out of nowhere, there is a ton of ads in their face.  While one ad itself is almost irrelevant, some games fail by placing ad after ad. We get it. Those companies helped you build your game, they want to make money after it releases by having their ads in game luring people to buy their product.  However there should be a line.  Over-placing ads in a game will not only turn off the player to your product, but it will eventually hurt your sales, and depending on your contract with the ad maker, it could end up costing you money.  At days end, the only person winning is the competition.

      Another downside of gaming, unfortunately, is the movie or television based game.  More often then not the creators of the original product, like the ad creator, have too much say in what goes on in the development of the playable version, and the creation of the game is often rushed to an insane level, commonly leading to games that are buggy, choppy, and downright horrible.  If game makers want to make a game good, leave it to the experts.  While there are some very rare exceptions to the rule, terrible gameplay is definitely the norm in these types of games.

      Those two points aside, gaming is actually a great pastime.  A second great invention, the internet, has only helped increase the effectiveness of gaming as a hobby or even a career.  Think about it.  Back in the 1980’s, 90’s, and even into the new milennium, the idea of multiplayer was two to four people, controller in hand, with one television divided up into halves or fourths.  However, as fate would have it, the internet intervened and offered huge match-ups to those with an internet connection, to the point where up to thirty two different people could now play in one group at one time, all around the world, which revolutionized gaming in a way that no one could have ever expected.

      The world wide web has also created at least two different new game genres: the MMORPG and the MMORTS.  The smaller allowing of the two game types, the MMORTS (Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Stategy) usually brings two or more teams of up to thirty two people together to face off for total domination of the game world.  While not the most popular of the two game types, it is still a very respected medium in the industry.

      The second type, the MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), is mainly exploited on computers and has virtually exploded with popularity, aided greatly by the creation of “World of Warcraft,” created by game company Blizzard.  Nowadays there are literally more MMORPGs than one person can count, many of which are free to play, and easily available to anyone who wants to play.  While not all of them are good, Many of them offer original gameplay and unique stories.

      The “Microsoft Xbox Kinect”, the “Sony Playstation Move”, and the “Nintendo Wii” have all brought yet another revolution to the world of gaming by using motion capture techniques to enhance the realism of gameplay, and help gamers get active.

      The first of the three released, the “Nintendo Wii”, is the most simple of the motion capturing systems.  This version of motion control uses a sensor bar that detects the movement of a small sensor implanted in the tip of the “Wii” Controller, which then translates that movement into the game world.  While primitive, it is still an acceptable method of motion capture.

      Second, the “Playstation Move”.  This setup uses a small webcam like device to detect the motion from a small ball at the end of a controller in a manner like mo-cap, which is is perhaps the most important part of modern game design.  Like the “Nintendo Wii”, the “Playstation Move” uses one device to detect another.

     Last, but not least, the “Xbox Kinect” has completely changed the motion controller game.  This device needs no signal from anything other than a human body.  The “Kinect” has a two camera system that are slightly overlapped to make a three-dimensional representation of real life, giving it the ability to detect movement not only on the z-axis, but on the x and y-axes as well.  This is the most advanced of the motion control devices.

      Ads, online gaming, and motion controls.  Gaming has come a long way since its creation, and I, for one, am eager to see where it goes from here.  Maybe one day there will be a system that can display holograms, making you feel like you really are in the game.  Just imagine this scenario.  Its fourth and one, thirty seconds left in the game. You are down by four points. One good play and you win the game.  While many people have been in this situation, none could compare to having this happen, right in your living room.  Anything is possible in the world of gaming, and I am sure good things will happen.  I know that I will stay a gamer for as long as I can, from my first life, to my final game over.

I am a first year college student here to give and get tips from anyone and everone who needs help or wants to share experience.  My main focus is Graphic Design, but recently I have taken a liking to 3D rendering using 3DS Max 2012.

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